On Killing a Tomato

I was once told that some believe that the ‘apple’ Eve ate was actually a tomato. While others hold to the notion that the Fruit was a mango for the sheer fact that it is the most universally eaten fruit (and I’m sure other equally valid points), I am quite taken by the idea that it was a Tomato.

The Tomato family is, apart from the Tomato itself, poisonous. The Tomato plant grows, something (very remotely) like a tree–though stunted, perhaps as though under a curse. The Tomato is, like the mango, a very tempting morsel.

Thus, though primarily for the last of the above reasons, I delicately killed a tomato today. Two, actually. Inserting my knife into the navel, wherein it took its nourishment from its all-mothering tomato plant, I sliced about the longitudinal axis of the fruit bifurcating the nub that from once grew the now long forgotten flower. It, and with it the tomato’s innocence of youth, now a distant memory in no one’s mind, is gone, having fulfilled its duty to bring the succulent tomato to full maturity.

And as I think of this flower, as it must have bloomed, been pollinated, and died — crusting over even as the fruit now held in my hand cut from it the life-blood of the xylem and phloem: I thank it. For were it not for the, most likely, yellow flower, the rich blood of sacrifice could not now be pouring down my hands onto the paper napkin I laid out upon the alter of my dinner table.

It is now, all save some droplets of blood poured as a libation upon the alter, eaten. Both of them, killed ever so delicately.

~ by jeorgesmith on 21 June 2007.

3 Responses to “On Killing a Tomato”

  1. I butchered a London Broil today. It was yummy.

  2. I already like 3rd Timothy better than I liked 2nd Timothy, simply because I allows me to make a comment without first having to sign up, sign in or sign over. –Signing off,

  3. I like the passivity of “been pollinated.”

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