On the Education of our Forefathers and Children:

… the monastic teachers were something very unlike the modern notion of schoolmasters; they were not mere men of the rod and the grammar; and it cannot but strike us as remarkable how almost universally they are spoken of as enjoying, in a very special degree, the gift of prayer.
Mother Francis Raphael, Christian Schools and Scholars: or, Sketches of Education from the Christian Era to the Council of Trent. Burns Oates & Washbourn LTD; 1924, pg 164.

How phenomenal would it be if this was not said only of the schoolmasters of the monastic tradition, but also of us today? While I am privileged to know many educators who are men and women of prayer who eagerly seek God on the behalf of their pupils (in all sectors of education), it is rare to find someone who is “spoken of as enjoying, in a very special degree, the gift of prayer” (emphasis mine).

If our spiritual forefathers had this blessing and produced the likes of Aquinas, Alcuin, Bede, Boniface, and all those other wonderful exemplars of the Christian mind and character who’s nigh unpronounceable names are oft forgot, could the same sort of life be attested to by our children if we sought schoolmasters who were noted for their gift of prayer?

Perchance my thinking is too bound by the modus operandi of simple causal relationships. But tis a nice notion, if it could be achieved


~ by jeorgesmith on 24 June 2007.

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