Pythoning for two

So, alas, I can think of no Python Ball to take my ball python to. (Dad, do you know of any up in your area? I think Python Balls would be devastatingly fun.) But I did take Schniggs on my errands this morning.

Since M.Snake has lived alone in an abandoned dorm room for the last month, I have made it a conscious effort to, whenever I can, work on socializing him. Thus, I took him with me.

First order of the day was the pet-store. “Excuse me, where is your reptile section?” “Over here, anything particular you are looking for?” “Yes, stuff for a Ball Python.” “Oh, well we don’t have any of those in the store, but we should have the stuff to take care of it.” “Well, actually you do have one in your store, its in the pouch of my hoodie.” “Oh.”

So my initial thought was that I was a docile fool who knew very little about snakes et al. But this became evidently not the truth as, in the presence of three employees, I still had the greater fire on my end of the (proverbial) candle. As this became more apparent to me, I decided to push ahead with what seemed to be the best modus operandi. So I got a transportable tank, and some frozen mice.

Despues de que, I drove home with him, once again, positioned in my pouch. And there he stayed while I harvested a branch, and a dish with water, and some leaves for his personal enjoyment. I then set a mouse out to defrost, and took the darling Schniggerdoodle out of my pouch to put him in his new home.

But M.Snake would have nonesuch. Instead he wooed me with his amiable personality and uncurled from his ball and began to slither up my arm. Not wanting to punish him for good behaviour, I kept him on me as I ran to Biola to get a book.

Happily perching on my arm, M.Snake accompanied me to the library, and to a prof’s off’ce. Returning home, I placed him in his new home, tossed in the now warm mouse, and am now set to work… three hours late.


~ by jeorgesmith on 2 July 2007.

2 Responses to “Pythoning for two”

  1. I think I would like very much to see a picture of M. Snake.

    I also want to know whether we should be concerned that immediately after talking about forbidden fruit you end up talking to a snake.

  2. Sounds like a day well spent. I fondly remember lazy afternoons cruising around LML on my Trail 90, barefoot and in cutoff jean shorts, with Homie the Red-tail Boa wrapped around the brim of my Tilley hat making me look something like a Tom Sawyer Pharaoh.

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