Is wuts happilating

I returned, yesterday, to the cybertechnoscape from a little jaunt traversing the geoscape of California. My trek took me through 13 of California’s counties, over 1000 miles of California road ways, and roughly 4 tanks of California taxed gas. A would recount a few interesting tid-bits but something much more titillating to talk about at current time is the word ‘happilating’.

My first encounter with it was on the superb medium of contemporary culture: pop radio. Some of those who read my prosing last summer may remember the radio station from which I took so much glee on morning commutes: this selfsame station now has, yet again, been the muse for blogging.

From my impeccable sources (i.e. Google), it seems that ‘happilating’ is the prefered spelling (at 127 hits), though ‘happilatin’ (106 hits) seems also to be an acceptable option. The spellings ‘hapilating’ (2 hits) and happillating’ (1 hit) are, well, negligible options. I suppose once this post is up, the data gathered herein may be skewed. This is particularly the case with ‘happillating’ as I have, single handedly, doubled it’s rate of occurrence.

My personal interest lies in the /-ilating/ affix. This derivational suffix which, I assume, takes the /hap(p)/ root and changing it to the fabulous term that may be used in such sentences as “John, whats happilating down there?”, is of ambiguous origin. My best hypotheses is that the affix comes from such words as ‘scintillating’ or ‘titillating’, though if this is true one would guess that the affix should be /-illating/. This guess, however, assumes that those using the term know and/or care about silly things such as spelling. This may be a foolish assumption.

An alternative option may be that ‘happilating’ is a form of ‘happily’, simply adding the suffixes /-ate/ and /-ing/. However if this be the case one would expect (perchance) an occurrence of ‘happilate’. And this does, in fact occur, only, disappointingly, as /happy/ and /late/ as in “happilate b-daii”.

I am left then, with the first of the options being the best.

Whatever the case, ‘happilating’ does, in line with the first option, seem to conote some sence of exciting aspect to what is happening. While what is ‘happening’ down here is simply the same-ol’ whatnot, what is ‘happilating’ seems to be such as to peek the interest, and command attention. Many seem to think it is for the occasions that need the accompaniment of an expletive to emphasize the fundamentality of the situation.

~ by jeorgesmith on 23 July 2007.

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