To the Pagan gods:

Oden, are you angry?
Ishtar, are you jealous?
Artemis, why do you weep?

How could I serve you, Oden,
When Adonai calls my name?
How can you blame me, Ishtar,
When Isa calls me beloved?
Surely you understand, Artemis,
How another’s fire brightens you.

Oden, yes, you hung on a tree,
But he did it so much better.
Ishtar, yes, you harrowed hell,
But he accomplished more.
Artemis, you shine in the darkness,
But his light enlightens man.

Look, Oden, He is the All-Father, the Very Wise.
See, Ishtar, the Lilies of Spring are in His step.
Oh, Artemis, His alone is the virginal purity.

~ by jeorgesmith on 7 August 2007.

3 Responses to “To the Pagan gods:”

  1. Ahhhhh … this was quite [healing] and [enlivening] to my soul. Many thanks. The third stanza is my favorite, but I feel the 2nd and 4th lines could be more specific (more like the 6th line). Oh, and the second stanza is quite lovely, esp. the first two lines. I likes this poem VERY MUCH.


  2. That is lovely, Timothy.

  3. Me likee too, Tim! (cSc)

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