Christmas, Crazies, and other depressing facts

In case you had not noticed yet, its Christmas time. No? Missed the memo? Well take a look around. Christmas trees are up in windows, stores are tinseling it up, and your local installment of the global coffee corporation is brewing Christmas Blend all week.

It seems that folks are preparing well for the insanity of the festive season (complete with ‘Festive Feasts’, as some promotional read this year), even if the general feel is that its too early for the Tannenbaum and snowflakes. My week thus far has been resplendent and complete with:

1) uncensored racism
2) unquenched self-servitude
3) unkind self-expression, and
4) unpleasant proselytization.

In good news only two more months of it all.

~ by jeorgesmith on 8 November 2007.

One Response to “Christmas, Crazies, and other depressing facts”

  1. Okay, okay. But I LIKE celebrating the Best Birth Day Present, and I know the season gets distorted and all (like many things associated with Jesus Christ), but it’s a good time to give and love and maybe, just maybe some one will think of Him as the Source of the Love and the Giving.

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