On the next Presidential election

Many of my avid readers (yes, I’m talking about you, the lone member of that list) know that I am what some call a monarchist. It is also true that being a monarchist it is difficult, to say the least, to feel any moral compunction, let alone moral allowance, to vote. Thus I generally stay out of politics when it comes to the voting ‘rights’ of the democratically inclined.

However, I feel that as a citizen (and a concerned one at that) it may be my place to write a bit of a political commentary in support of a particular candidate. Consider this the modern version of a political tract or flier that might be seen in the great kingdoms of old, written by citizens hoping, for the good of their country, to influence the thought of a few.

This being said, I come to the point of this post: I support McCain for President.

Let me explain: Considering the three foremost candidates– Clinton, Obama, and McCain. We have potentially the first female president, we have potentially the first president of African American decent, and we have a OWM (old white male). Let me assure you that I do not support McCain because he is an OWM. Some of my favorite monarchs have been queens (Elizabeth, Victoria, Isabella) or of Africa (Imhotep, Shaka, Osei Tutu) or even Queens of Africa (Nefertiti and Cleopatra–such a nose!).

No, my support for an OWM comes from a different motivation. One that has to do with assassinations. Before I go on, let me give another disclaimer, I do not want anyone assassinated. Regicide is always a bad idea, and I suppose the killing of presidents kind of falls under that same moral prohibition. But, it is, nonetheless, something real that must be faced. And it has, in this country, been a very long time since we had an assassination.

I feel we are due for another soon. I am no prophet, but we have been some time since a president died in office.

If Clinton died in office, there would be a barrage of books published on the death of our Woman President, likeness would be made to Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, maybe even the Dali Lama. Border, Barns&Noble, and Amazon would be a flood of memoirs, commentaries, and commentaries on commentaries. Oprah would host discussions.
If Obama died in office, things would be bad. It would stir racial angst, possibly start riots, and further divide our nations unity. There would be demonstrations. Oprah would host rallies.
If McCain died in office, not much would happen. There would be vigils, a few books written on how good he was. (Americans are, after all, sentimentalists at heart.) The nation would morn–for a little while, a state funeral would be given, the fact that he lived longer than the national average would be mentioned, and his vice president would be sworn into office. Oprah would remember the last president assassinated in office.

It is thus my conclusion: McCain for President!

It will save us from book publications, race wars, and the Oprah Show.

~ by jeorgesmith on 15 February 2008.

5 Responses to “On the next Presidential election”

  1. Um, Opera is where the fat lady sings–often in Italian. I think you are refering to Oprah, Queen of Daytime Television. As a Monarchist, it is important for you to correctly spell the names of queens. I’m not sure I concure with all of your logic on this one: It is my guess that the chattering class would find something to chatter about, long after the fodder had run out. For a monarchist, I think it should also be important to remember that kings and queens do, in fact, make up the casts of any number of operas. Without them, the fat lady would have precious little to sing about. You invoke the name of Diana. It is hard to imagine the First-Daughter-In-Law of any president stoking the chattering mill to any similar degree of excitement. If your true goal is less published whoopla, you should advocate abolishing the monarchy.

  2. Your logic is truly astounding.

  3. Hmmmm. Yes, so the little typfu (that being a lexical hybrid of typo and snafu) of ‘Opera’ for ‘Oprah’ has been duly noted and corrected. As per the clause about monarchists needing to know how to correctly spell the names of queens, it is really only necessary to know how to spell the name of one’s own queen. The industrious use of misspelling other queens’ names (particularly those unfavorable ones) may, in fact, be quite a good thing.

    As per the abolition of the monarchy due to the production levels of gaaga publications about those like Princess Diana, I would like to put forth the historical evidence of the Magna Carta. This little snafu of history did limit the monarchy quite some bit. The historic precedence from thence forth has further limited the monarchy (of England) to such that I would hardly claim Princess Diana any more of a monarchical figure than Hannah Montana or Raven (Baxter).

  4. Nefertiti for President!

  5. I’m so glad the “Oprah” question has been cleared up, as I was shocked at being so out of touch with the US culture that I didn’t know about the famous “Opera Show”. I don’t know very many Americans who have enough patience to watch an opera, so I would be surprised if such a show could be successful. Also, I would find it very amusing to see Hillary compared to the Dalai Lama, so if anyone sees such an article, please forward it to me.

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