national identity

So I commented on the state of Colombia having recently upset Ecuador in addition to the already heightening tension with Venezuela. Pointing out the fact that this meant possible threats of armed conflict on two boarders–while in the midst of a civil war as well, a friend said: “Hu, that explains so much about you.”

Self knowledge comes in the most strange ways.


~ by jeorgesmith on 2 March 2008.

5 Responses to “national identity”

  1. Umm… if they are having trouble with their boarders, maybe they should deport the offending boarders, by taking them to the nearest border and sending the offender across it. With Bolivian boarders, that would seem especially difficult, due to a lack of any common border between Colombia and Bolivia. But then again, maybe Chavez would be willing to take Bolivian boarders across his borders as part of his Bolivian Unity plan.

  2. I’m glad they can’t draft you from here….

  3. Do you actually have friends that say “Hu”, or is that translated into your idiolect?

  4. Hu is, perhaps, better recorded as ‘hu”, with the ”’ standing as a glottal stop.

  5. :)

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