breadth of thought

Today I transgressed toward the Temple to the gods of Materialism called the Brea Mall. I had cause to go there in order to be fitted for a tux. Thus the first reflection on the day: No one is able to provide clothing that fits me. While I was near that great religious site of the Mall, I ventured to see what the gods had to offer these days. I was particularly looking for a gift, and a box, for a friend. While walking about the Great Labyrinth of Brea, I found a little holy site I had been told about called Gloria Jean’s. Thus the second reflection on the day: The best espresso I have tasted in recent history is made by a very nice Asian man in the Gloria Jeans’ coffee shop in the Brea Mall. Having done reconnaissance work betwixt, between, and amongst various locals, I found what I sought. I also saw a few sights of interest. The most interesting being a lady. Or rather, an aspect of the lady’s wardrobe (I confess I remember very little of the woman). She wore tight sweats, the sort that teeny-bopper jock girls, except she was, well, rather large. Across the at least three feet of blue fabric that covered her hind parts was written “Think Pink”. Thus the third reflection on the day: The breadth of thought to think pink upon such a broad swath of blue… hu. The world has things one can ponder yet never understand.

This intellectually stimulating post has been brought to you by Friar Tux, the nice ladies in WilliamsSonoma and Nordstrom’s Home department, the espresso at Gloria Jean’s, and broad encouragements to think.

~ by jeorgesmith on 12 March 2008.

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