keeping Tabs on the water

My house mates decided a while back to get cats. I was fine with it, cuz I like cats.

I met them, and knew their names to Mickel and Tabs. They do not allow me to call their cats by these names, but thankfully this is the internet, where all is false and shaddows of falseness, so it does not matter that I call them here by what I believe to be their true names.

Thus a story on Tabs:

He is a large, ugly, orange cat. As a kitten he was a drug baby, licking bleach bottles, etc. Now he is fat, of dull wit, and rather bothersome on the whole. He also has a strange propensity for water.

For some reason there is a mason jar with a little water sitting under the dinner table (don’t ask, I’m sure someone in this house has a very rational explanation for it). Tabs is sitting next to it, sticking his paw into the water, and then licking it dry. Wash, repeat.

He has a water dish in the other room. But for some reason he would rather drink from a water source reachable only via his paw.

~ by jeorgesmith on 16 March 2008.

One Response to “keeping Tabs on the water”

  1. At least your kitty friends aren’t pooping in the shower. That is what mine are doing….

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