Its spring time

and the crazies are out in full force.

They have tracking devices to map the migratory pattern of whales, geese, and other animals of similar ilk, would it be ethical to have tracking devices to map the migratory pattern of crazy people?

During the winter months our store had but one or two crazies. There was the racist man at 5.10 am and his female companion with the bird on her head–this was in late October or November.  There was the devout Mexican lady of Indian decent who could never get someone to take her to mass (she couldn’t go because of her legs)–this was in early December, and again in mid January.

But now that spring done hath sprung and the sunny SoCal days of summer are but a stone’s throw to Sunday, we have had several in a single week. (And this is not counting the chap that comes in at least once a day and is … well … on his way.) There was the man from Tecate who accused our Iranian customers of being foreigners. And the lady who felt it necessary to give great detail of each of her visits to our store on the comment cards–and warn us against the dangers of dental surgery. There was the Armenian chap who asked nervously for directions to church. And the quiet old man who talked to no one–at least none that could be seen.

Yes, I think they are migrating.


~ by jeorgesmith on 18 March 2008.

One Response to “Its spring time”

  1. Are you sure that last guy wasn’t talking on his cell phone? There are people all over the market and mall seemingly talking to themselves when in reality, or maybe only in their imagination, they are using their bluetooth mic to talk on their phones. I never know whether to answer them or not. =)

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