civic duty

I recently became aware of two things:

1) Mr. Bush, in an effort to boost the economy, has sought to give all us tax payers of this great nation free money to be spent in various fashions.
2) I may be in need of purchasing tennis shoes for the first time since Jr High.

These two epoch events, coinciding as they do, was not to go uncelebrated. Thus the journey to fulfill my civic duty: spend money.

Less than 12 miles from the place of my abode is Los Angeles’s great installment of the whore of Babylon. So went I to Babylon with patriotic fervor. Quite pleased with the general lack of traffic, I came to and parked in site of the gates of the citadel of Babel and was further struck by the auspicious star which lead me when I found that rather than hunting for the vendor whom I sought, he was, in fact, located not 30 paces from my parked car.

After some search and some queries I found some suede Pumas. And I purchased them (though I got the brown and tan ones).

Thus, in order to fulfill my civic duty to these United States, I have purchased, with government money European shoes, made in China. At an excellent price, too!

~ by jeorgesmith on 6 May 2008.

3 Responses to “civic duty”

  1. Hey, I want to be patriotic too! How come Mr. Bush hasn’t contacted me?

  2. Well, Caedmonstia, I’m afraid Mr. Bush only thinks people who pay taxes are worthy of his help to be patriotic.

  3. In full patriotic form, I used Mr. Bush’s economic stimulus package to pay off my credit card, for there is nothing more American than to spend it before you own it!

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