Music and poetry

We (the unspecified first person plural) went to the LA philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl last night. The event declared itself to be fantastic, and, well, I wasn’t quite sure, because when one reads the fine print, it is evident that the event exhibited two pieces by French composers. It is not my first choice to subject myself to classical music, for, while I have been known to enjoy the outdated cultural phenomenon, it has also been known to put me to sleep, and cause me migraines.

This being said, I confess I have found the key to enjoying live performances of classical music: be in love.

Granted, this might be the key to enjoying most of life’s more mundane parts, but, nonetheless, this wonderful secret–now revieled–shall, I think, prove helpful in the future.

Here is a poem, written during the event, that helps capture some of the magic of the moment:

On going to the symphony

Harry men
Hurried women
saw resin
‘cross cat guts

music is best
when in love


~ by jeorgesmith on 11 July 2008.

One Response to “Music and poetry”

  1. Someone I know has called it “pulling a horse’s tail across cat guts.” Although I don’t think that fits into your poem as nicely.

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