Un-Pastoral financial advice

Most of you, I’m willing to bet, have, at some point or an other, been told by, or heard from, a Pastor, Priest, friend, or other source of ‘good financial advice’ that a good way to save money when strapped for cash, or simply save up twenty dollars a month to support some poor starving missionary, is to cut Starbucks from the monthly budget.

While I do not claim to speak with more authority than your priest, more good intention than that friend, nor more religious fervor than the starving missionary, I would like to mention at this juncture of time and economy that the little chap in the green apron (or black if they were suckered into that set of training) depends on your irresponsible expenditure for his/her livelihood.

So while budgeting to help further the Kingdom, and cutting back on the amount you indulge your passions and materialist desires is a most blessed and commendable idea, perchance take a second, also, to appreciate the fact that you help feed folks in your own communities.

Sure, downscale from the sinfully large size to the only shamefully large size. Cut back from the quad, the extra, the breve, and the refill to the drip with room.

But at least leave a tip?

~ by jeorgesmith on 25 July 2008.

One Response to “Un-Pastoral financial advice”

  1. Ok then. I’ll take one of those caramel apple ciders please. Those are my favorite.

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