metro stop

this could either be a short telegram about someone’s sexual preference, the means by which a Los Angelino chooses to get to work, or, it appears, the exact opposite.

Yesterday, being the Wednesday that it proved to be, I had cause to drive quite a bit about the greater Los Angeles Metro-politan area. Besides the multiple advertisements for the mass transit system I also saw two (2) Metro busses stopped. And that’s not counting the busses pulled off to the side to pick up or deposite passangers.

No, friends these busses were stopped, dead in the road: f o r d style. One conveniently blocking the San Pedro on-ramp to the 10E downtown, and one in the center lane (though from how exposed it was it could have been a centerfold) of the 605N just passed the 60.

On this Thursday (I never could get the hang of Thursdays), I wish the best to all those trying to travel by metro [stop]

~ by jeorgesmith on 30 October 2008.

One Response to “metro stop”

  1. I looked for the part about sexual preference, but I couldn’t find it. Were you talking about the bus which could be a centerfold? I’m confused.

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