don’t get your hopes up…

… but there is reason to believe that, assuming we get our visas, we’ll be moving to a place where we’d have internet access IN our own home.

and… that is a reasonable basis for the belief that at some point i might be up at night, pretending to work on stuff, and ‘accidentally’ sign into the dry wash and ‘accidentally’ post… … just like i am doing now.

But, in case anyone would think that i am currently posting on this poor forsaken blog: DO NOT BE SO DILUTED!!!

In actuality, I am ready a text called The Comfort of Things, and am on the chapter about a heroin addict. Do not be alarmed, the book is not promoting the heroin as a comfortable thing, rather it is discussing the roll of material belongings in the life of a recovering heroin addict.


~ by jeorgesmith on 25 August 2009.

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