two reflections

The other day I started searching through my old Xanga site in order to find a few pieces that I remember writing and liking. So, as I pulled old posts offline and archived them, I read through them and was struck by two things:

1) whomever it was that first called me ‘snarky’ was correct.

2) I think I accidentally, just this last month,  accomplished a goal I set for myself back in March 2006.

This is, I believe the best sort of goal setting: when you decide you want to accomplish something, but set no date or MO for how this will be done. Thus, forgetting the goal entirely, it can be accomplished when it is good and ready to be accomplished without pressure.

At the time the goal was accomplished I felt the joy of the event itself. Now, knowing the goal had been accomplished without my knowledge, I have the joy of having outwitted myself.


~ by jeorgesmith on 26 August 2009.

9 Responses to “two reflections”

  1. what was the goal? did you find the 999th license plate?

  2. Nope. per the license plate i’m only up to 57… which i think is quite some head way.

    No, the goal was to get to the point where i could pick up a book and read it out of simple enjoyment.

  3. what book?
    also, I started the license plate game when you first posted about it, and I’m up to 147 :) I’m pretty obsessive, though…

  4. Ah. then you are playing a different game. I stick with only CA plates… even when I travel out-of-state or internationally for long periods… part of why I suspect it will take a lifetime for me to finish.

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