Many MKs and TCKs hate the question “where are you from”. I tend to sidestep the question and simply say “I’ve been living in Los Angeles most recently”. This weekend I also gained a non-appreciation of the question “country of residence”.

Flying ‘home’ to Los Angeles on Friday the question at the self-check booth at LHR asked me to confirm my place of residence. At the time of purchasing the ticket I was undoubtedly a ‘resident’ of the USA. At the time of that flight I marked that I ‘resided’ in the UK. When I flew into LAX and filled out the entry card, I indicated that my address of ‘residence’ was a place in the greater LA area. An Address I have never lived at, in fact I have only visited there on one occasion, for no more than 15 minutes. Returning ‘home’ to London on Sunday/Monday, we went to open a bank account on Tuesday, and listed our ‘home address’ as a place here in the greater London area that I have been at for two weeks, and my wife had only been to for a total of roughly 18 hours.

This compares nothing to SlowLane’s transience and homelessness, but I have more governmental and national security offices storing contradictory information.


~ by jeorgesmith on 7 October 2009.

3 Responses to “residences”

  1. Way to keep ’em guessing! :-)

  2. Yes, you win in this category… especially since when I checked the mail today, you had more mail than I did in my mailbox.

  3. We regularly receive more mail for the 5 of you kids and your spouses than we receive for ourselves. Phone calls, too. But that’s okay. When they go to do a google search for your name it may appear that you really are in more than 2 places at once. =)

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