new libraries

I found a library that I quite enjoy. It is the Wellcome Library. It doesn’t have loads of books I’m interested in, most of its collection is on medical science, but it does have one book in particular that I could not find elsewhere: Shoes, by June Swann.

Now, why Shoes and a history of shoe fashions by Eunice Wilson, are catalogued on the same shelf with eugenics — I am not entirely sure. But, as long as I do not let that effect my research, I hope no ill will come of it.

While reading a history of shoe fashions, I came upon a list of other resources on shoes, particularly a list of museums and institutes that have collections. Since the book was published in 1969, web addresses are sadly missing, and in fact some of the institutions no long exist.

Others — like the Cordwainer’s Technical College, London — have been absorbed into larger institutions, like the University of the Arts, London. And thus, the library collections (or at least some of it) lives on under a new name.

Thus, while enjoying the hospices of one library, I plot an outing to yet another library, hoping that I may become a member of yet an other institution, gaining yet an other photo I.D., and thus, I hope, gaining more insight — or at least the potential thereof.


~ by jeorgesmith on 30 October 2009.

3 Responses to “new libraries”

  1. Hello my dear!

    A typographical note: if you are “under the auspices of” a library, you are enjoying its benefits; if you are partaking of its “hospices”, however, you have a terminal illness and a very unusual library system over there in England.

    Glad you found your shoe books. I miss you!


  2. And so, while researching shoes, you dramatically broaden your horizons. I would like to see a museum full of shoes. That would be interesting…

  3. Gnomesie, I’ll get to the editing later. First the research, then the writing, then I’ll get someone to edit it to make sure I don’t have any illnesses I am unaware of. :)
    Aileen, there are several museums full of shoes. Northampton, here in England, Bata in Toronto, and one in Australia as well that has quite a collection. There are some others that aren’t coming to mind… and the Costume Museum in Bath and the Victoria and Albert here in London also have a fair collection of shoes.

    Come and visit we’ll go together!

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