The giving cow

Last week, I purchased a roast. It was a nice juicy piece of beef. The particular size has been lost from archived memory.

On Saturday I cut from it two sizeable steaks and prepared them along with mashed potatoes, a caramelised onion and wine sauce, and served it with blue cheese. The remainder I seared, and set to slow cook with some spices and tomato paste. [Fed two.]

On Sunday we shredded the beef, set some aside and used some in a meat sauce to serve with linguine. [Fed two.]

On Monday I took out a hearty portion, refried it in olive oil with more spices and some serrano pepper. Along with grilled bell peppers and a simple pico de gallo we made burritos in oven toasted tortillas. [Fed two.]

On Tuesday I packed some to take with me on my day trip to the archives, eating the machaca on durum wheat crackers. [Fed one.]

Tuesday night we took a break from beef, and roasted a chicken.

On Wednesday, I took some whole grain bread, and layering two slices with Colman’s English Mustard, machaca, and a medium cheddar, toasted it in the oven till the meat was warm and the cheese melted. Removing it and adding tomato, salt, pepper, and basil leaves, I made two sandwiches for lunch. For dessert I sliced a peach and some strawberries, covering them in sugar and a splash of port. [Fed two.]

On Wednesday night, I butter sautéed a hand full of quartered mushrooms, and a sliced onion. With this, wine, tomato paste, and a hearty mix of oregano, garlic, cumin, and something else I likely felt moved to add at the time, we made a meaty tomato sauce served on farfalle. As sides I steamed some fresh broccoli and made some toasted basil and garlic bread. [Fed two.]

There is still one serving left.

In total, we’ve made eleven meals from that cow, and there is one more waiting to grace our lunch table today.

I like animal.

~ by jeorgesmith on 15 April 2010.

One Response to “The giving cow”

  1. The obvious question that springs immediately to mind:

    Why was I not eating at your house last week???

    OMGoodness Timo all those meals sound AMAZING.

    Also: I miss you. And the wife. And the little one.

    Blessings on your Thursday!

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