Lemon Cheese

Today I learned something. This is not necessarily that strange, but it is especially nice when one gets to learn something entirely trivial and wonderfully sublime in a culinary sort of way. (I promise, I’m not turning this into a food blog.)

It was a bright, warm spring day (I wanted my flip-flops I forgot in ‘Fornia), so we decided to take to the park for a relaxing afternoon overlooking London. Yesterday we went for a walk in the wood, but this nice sunny day was much more park-esk.

With a bottle of fresh sqeezed lemonade and a half dozen scones, right from the oven, we set forth, intending to stop on the way for Lemon Curd and Cream (for what is a scone if it hath not its curd and cream?). Looking for just a small jar of curd, we stopped into one of them old-looking dry-goods stores that sells jams in jars your gran’ might still think old fashioned. They had, to my dismay, only large jars of Lemon Curd. But they did stock little jars (the perfect size) of Lemon Cheese. What was this I did behold? The ingredients were identical save for Lemon Curd having something weird in it. So we bought the Lemon Cheese.

It was amazing. I thought Lemon Curd was good, but this was more robust. It had a richer and more balanced palate. The texture was perfect, a smooth pure gel like that of a thick custard — with no hint of grain or grit.

I could eat it off a spoon — but I had none, so I used my finger.

Good company, soft grass, warm sun, wide open panorama of the city, fresh lemonade, the perfect scone, and the delight of a new found culinary masterpiece. It was a good day.

Upon returning home, I investigated this thing–this Lemon Cheese. To my bemusement, there is no difference between Lemon Curd and Lemon Cheese. I have it on the good authority of several top hits in the Google search for ‘what is the difference between Lemon Curd and Lemon Cheese’, that indeed they are the same thing.

It is on my to-do list now to visit the store again, and ask them what the difference is between their lemon curd and their lemon cheese. But in the meantime, I will relish my Lemon Cheese.

~ by jeorgesmith on 17 April 2010.

3 Responses to “Lemon Cheese”

  1. Dear food-blog guy: Kudos on your curds canard. On your next such outing vicariously score a scone for me.

  2. So what you are saying, is that after you relish your lemon cheese, you are going to catchup with the store proprietor and discuss the jam you find yourself in trying to differentiate the condiments?

  3. Me want.

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