song making

In a few days my son will be four months old. One of the many things that his active involvement in my life has brought about is the odd tendency to sing little songs to/at him. While I remember singing as a little kid, it seems generally unlike me to do so — but then much of what I do is deemed generally unlike me.

Most of the songs are spontaneous and entirely context-oriented. Though, as some contexts are recurrent, a few of these songs are becoming permanent items in my repertoire.

These include such timeless changing table classics as ‘Poo for Two’ and its special occasion version: ‘Poo for Three, Please’, as well as the up-beat and swinging tune, ‘Socks go on Foot’.

Maybe if my academic aspirations fail, I can go into the singer/song-writing line as a fall-back option.


~ by jeorgesmith on 20 April 2010.

2 Responses to “song making”

  1. Welcome to fatherhood, little brother. ;-)

  2. You may not remember, but we used to do this with you and your sibs. (Not the same songs, however. Your songs are uniquely your own!) =)

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