the old gardener

it being spring, and such, the gardeners have returned to the lawn out front our flat. While one mows the lawn, an older gentleman is working his way around the perimetre trimming the rose bushes, fighting back the ever encroaching raspberries, and thinning out the bramble.

I think he comes from a generation of gardeners you just don’t see much any more. In dark grey slacks, a white dress shirt and black tie, he wrestles the plants with his left hand, cutting them with garden clippers in his right. A hand rolled cigarette clutched gently in the right corner of his mouth. His black lace-up leather shoes show years of wear, and the collar of the white Oxford is frayed–these are definitely work clothes, but it is still a shirt and tie.


~ by jeorgesmith on 27 April 2010.

3 Responses to “the old gardener”

  1. You didn’t mention the thing that surely differentiated him the most from modern gardeners… the leaf blower.

    • True. But his companion was using a lawn mower before 10am… not as bad as a leaf blower, but something I have personal issues with.

  2. He sounds like a gardener from the movies. And I am glad that you have personal issues with leaf-blowers. Everyone should.

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